2 cryptos with high potential whose price is ready to explode in April 2022! Analysis by Solana and Fantom

Solana and Fantom could help you boost your investment portfolio this month.

Crypto started rocky in 2022, with the market down 18% to $1.8 trillion at the time of writing. But industry fundamentals still look good, especially with soaring inflation and geopolitical uncertainty prompting investors to diversify away from traditional currencies.

Fantom (FTM 6.80%) and Solana (SOL 4.69%) could make great ways to bet on a crypto rebound in April and beyond.

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Founded in 2019, Fantom is a blockchain platform designed to host decentralized applications (dApps) (these are programs use self-executing smart contracts to provide services over the network). Fantom’s affordable valuation and impressive technical specs could set it up for long-term growth.

According to its developers, Fantom is the “fastest public blockchain in crypto” on a metric called time-to-finality. The completion time measures the time between the transaction submission and its confirmation. And the developers of Fantom believe this is a more helpful metric than transactions per second because it better considers the time it takes to complete transactions, not the number that can be executed simultaneously.

That said, Fantom didn’t compare its platform with rivals’ speed regarding completion time. Investors must therefore wait for more information before measuring it against other blockchains.

But with a market cap of just $4.2 billion, Fantom is significantly smaller than big rivals like Solana and Ethereum (worth $29 billion and $318 billion, respectively). Thus, its affordable valuation makes it an excellent option for investors who missed out on the most popular platforms when they were cheap.


With a market cap of $29 billion, Solana is an excellent cryptocurrency for investors who want to bet on a larger, more established dApp platform. The Solana blockchain has state-of-the-art technical capabilities, and its dynamic development team strives to solve recent problems reliably.

With a transaction capacity of 50,000 per second, Solana’s speed surpasses major blockchains like Ethereum, which can only handle 15 transactions per second or less. This super-fast speed attracts dApp developers who need a highly scalable project platform. Basketball legend Michael Jordan recently launched HEIR – a Solana non-fungible token (NFT) platform. NFTs are digital proofs of ownership stored on the blockchain, and HEIR will include collectibles inspired by Jordan’s basketball career.

This project is a compelling proof of concept for Solana’s blockchain and a potential sign of its growing acceptance by the general public.

That said, Solana also faces its share of growing pains. For example, the platform faced a series of outages in January due to duplicate transactions. But its developers are working on improvements that should help solve these problems.

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The need for speed

The speed of blockchain is becoming increasingly important as the technology adapts to increasingly complex use cases. But while both Solana and Fantom have impressive technical capabilities, they are suitable for different investment strategies. Solana is better for those who want to bet on a bigger and more established platform. But Fantom is a better way to get into the ground floor of a long-term growth opportunity.

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