Richard Goyder Net Worth: A Look at the Wealth of a Business Icon

Discover the net worth of Richard Goyder, one of Australia’s most successful businessmen, and learn how he accumulated his wealth through strategic leadership and business acumen.


Richard Goyder is a name that is synonymous with success in the Australian business world. As the former CEO of Wesfarmers, one of Australia’s largest conglomerates, Goyder’s leadership and strategic vision have played a significant role in the company’s growth and success. But what is Richard Goyder’s net worth, and how did he become one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Richard Goyder’s net worth, his background, and the key factors that have contributed to his success.

Who is Richard Goyder?

Richard Goyder is a well-known Australian businessman who served as the CEO of Wesfarmers, a leading Australian conglomerate, for over a decade. He was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1959 and completed his education at the University of Western Australia, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree. After completing his studies, Goyder began his career at Wesfarmers, where he held various positions before eventually being appointed CEO in 2005.

What is Richard Goyder’s net worth?

According to Forbes, Richard Goyder’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. However, it’s important to note that Goyder’s net worth fluctuates depending on various factors such as the performance of Wesfarmers and other investments he may have.

How did Richard Goyder accumulate his wealth?

Richard Goyder’s wealth can be attributed to his success as the CEO of Wesfarmers, where he oversaw a range of businesses across various industries, including retail, mining, and chemicals. During his tenure, Wesfarmers grew significantly, expanding its operations both within Australia and internationally. Goyder was also instrumental in the acquisition of Coles, one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, in 2007, which further cemented Wesfarmers’ position as a major player in the retail industry.

Apart from his role at Wesfarmers, Goyder has also served on the boards of various other organizations, including the Australian Football League, the Business Council of Australia, and the Australian Securities Exchange. He has been recognized for his contributions to business and was awarded the Order of Australia in 2013 for his services to business and the community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long was Richard Goyder the CEO of Wesfarmers?

A: Richard Goyder served as the CEO of Wesfarmers for over a decade, from 2005 to 2017.

Q: What other businesses has Richard Goyder been involved in?

A: Richard Goyder has served on the boards of various organizations, including the Australian Football League, the Business Council of Australia, and the Australian Securities Exchange.

Q: What is Richard Goyder’s educational background?

A: Richard Goyder earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia.


Richard Goyder is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most successful businessmen, with a net worth that reflects his success as a leader and strategic thinker. Through his role as CEO of Wesfarmers, Goyder oversaw the growth and expansion of one of Australia’s largest conglomerates, solidifying his position as a business icon. However, Goyder’s wealth is not only a reflection of his business acumen but also his contributions to the community through his involvement in various organizations.

As Goyder continues to be a leading figure in the Australian business world, it’s clear that his impact extends far beyond the boardroom. His success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, demonstrating the importance of strategic thinking, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. While Richard Goyder’s net worth may be a reflection of his success, it’s his contributions to the business world and the community that truly set him apart as a business icon. As Australia’s business landscape continues to evolve, Goyder’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and shape the future of the country’s economy.

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