The emerging cryptocurrencies you should keep an eye on

Suppose you are more interested in trading crypto activities. In that case, that is, the operation of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you will know some of their success than the traditional stock market. It is the case of the most popular Bitcoin and others, such as Ethereum or Ripple. They are being so accepted that they are giving rise to the expansion of cryptocurrencies. That is, to the multiplication of this type of currency. Let’s review some of the ones that seem to have the best future.

Cryptocurrency expansion: the most promising developments

In the opinion of the most experienced crypto brokers, three new virtual currencies aim to reach high and are already influencing the markets. Let’s see them and get some data about them.

NEO, endorsed by crypto brokers and the Chinese government

In addition to the approval of experts, this new cryptocurrency has the support of none other than the Chinese government and the digital commerce giant Alibaba. It is known as “the Chinese Ethereum”. And that is the main reason it is considered one of the virtual currencies with the most future.

It was created in 2014 under AntShares and currently has 65 million in circulation, although it is expected to reach 100. As for its current value, it is $16.01. It uses Blockchain technology specially designed to create a scalable network of apps or decentralized applications. Finally, it can make up to 10,000 transactions in one second.

Stellar, Ripple’s most important rival

If the previous one promises to compete with Ethereum, Stellar intends to do the same with Ripple. Like this one, it is a decentralized protocol with an open source whose purpose is to transfer regular currency to virtual and, thus, to be able to make international payments quickly and safely.

Therefore, Stellar is not a currency but an entire system whose currency is Lumen (XLM). There are no less than 18.89 trillion in circulation, and it is planned to reach a maximum of 104.36. As for its current value, it is $0.2152. However, giants like IBM have already announced they will make cross-border payments through this currency’s Blockchain. This news has contributed enormously to increasing its prestige.

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EOS is easy and fast to use

EOS is the third cryptocurrency that threatens to unseat Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was created in July 2017 and already has 906 million in circulation. But the approach is to reach 1,006 billion. Compared to its current value, it is $5.30.

Its state-of-the-art blockchain architecture allows millions of transactions per second at almost zero cost. That speed and ease of use make it a promising virtual currency. In addition, it could be said that it feeds itself since, to use its Blockchain, you need the currency itself. Therefore, the more your Blockchain develops, the higher its value.

Other cryptocurrencies with a future

The three cryptocurrencies we have talked about are the most promising. However, there are some more to which crypto brokers predict a promising future. It is the case, for example, of the Japanese NEM, which both financial organizations and large Japanese companies are already testing. Also, IOTA’s greatest virtue is that its transactions do not have any type of commission. Or, equally, Status, which would combine social networks with Blockchain.

In conclusion, if you are more fond of crypto trading than other market opportunities, you should keep sight of these new currencies. Perhaps they will end up unseating the already popular Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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